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Iowa reminded us that every vote counts

For every person that says to themselves, my vote doesn’t count anyway… think again.  The results from the Iowa caucus – a win for Romney decided by just 8 votes – illustrates the importance of every vote and of civic participation.

As we now look to the New Hampshire primary, I hope voters there and in every other state remember Iowa and remember the 2000 Bush v Gore election.  While no one thinks their vote will change history, we’ve already seen just how easily a victory can turn.  Just as in 2000, when Gore was erroneously declared the winner of the presidential election, Santorum was prematurely declared the winner of Iowa yesterday.

Sometimes it really is too close to call, and each and every vote has to be counted. This actually reinforces my faith in the U.S. electoral system. It’s not perfect, but every vote counts.




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